122: Judith Mehr | I painted some of Mormonism’s most iconic art—and I was closeted.

Judith Mehr is arguably one of the most well-known artists continually commissioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has painted prophets, apostles, murals, and some of the most iconic gospel art used within the LDS Church. … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Michael

My name is Michael. I am 29 and a single parent of two beautiful boys who look just like their beautiful mother. I am a licensed clinician specializing in behavioral therapy for children with difficult behaviors. I have many interests … Read the rest here

121: Yaeger Chivers | Coming Out, conversion therapy and finding my way forward.

Yaeger Chivers sits down with the Latter Gay Stories podcast to share his story coming out in a small, Utah town, navigating his sexuality within the Church, his experiences with conversion therapy programs, and trying to please his family—while repressing … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Amy

My name is Amy, though I often go by Ames. I grew up in Utah and spent my childhood climbing trees, playing basketball and soccer, pretending I was Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, and wanting shoes from the boys section.… Read the rest here