Hi, I’m Nick

I am Nick Baker— I have lived a typical, “wonderful” and “blessed” Utah life. I am gay. Growing up in Bountiful, Utah I checked the boxes: priesthood advancement, callings, and a mission. Friends, status, and education. In a culture where … Read the rest here

116: Valerie Green | Finding My Identity and the Path of Authenticity and Happiness

She was married to a woman and found solace secretly cross-dressing to help her find her inner beauty. While navigating this journey to best understand her gender identity, Valerie Nicole Green took the crucial steps to live a life of … Read the rest here

Hi, I am Jacob

Recently, I wrote about my struggles as a gay man in the Church. There, like everywhere, my LGBTQ friends and I have received numerous pieces of repetitive advice.

Until we consider the real implications of our statements, actions, and policies, … Read the rest here

115: Bryce Cook | Understanding the History: Homosexuality and the LDS Church

If you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and navigating a journey to understand the intersection of religion and sexual orientation, we invite you to join us for this Latter Gay Stories episode.

Bryce Cook … Read the rest here