Hi, I’m Sam

Ever since I was little, I always knew I was different. I have always been your stereotypical gay boy. I played with Barbie’s, I played with my mom’s makeup, I always wanted to be the damsel in distress when playing … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Aubrey

Hi, I’m Aubrey. At 25, I came out to myself and to the world. I got baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 17 years old. I converted from a non-denominational Christian church. Being raised Christian, … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Nate

I was fortunate to learn earlier than most in Utah that the idea that homosexuality is a choice or results from bad choices, character defects, or Satanic influence is cruel and untrue. This was because my best friend whom I … Read the rest here

Hola, Soy Nelson

Lo supe, siempre lo supe. Cuando tenía cinco o seis años ya estaba prestando atención a los bailarines masculinos y nunca a la bailarina principal medio desnuda, Iris Chacon, durante su programa de televisión que se transmitía en la televisión … Read the rest here