Viral Tik-Tok creator Brayden Singley sits down with the Latter Gay Stories podcast to spill the tea on life as gay man with Mormon roots. Brayden was born and raised in Northern Utah. He grew up a member of the LDS Church, served a 2-year mission in the state of Washington and attended BYU.

In this episode Brayden candidly shares his story of shame, guilt, pornography, sexual experiences, rising above societal judgement—and ultimately finding his footing as a gay man in a seemingly unforgiving world. It’s a wonderful episode about hope, and about following your heart.

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  1. Clearance Ludins (reply)

    April 10, 2023 at 3:13 am

    I liked Brayden’s interview. I listened to a few other of your podcasts. Discovered you when I listened to the interview with Black Mormons. Your podcasts have influenced my thinking a lot. Many years ago my views were not that accepting. The first time of thinking that it could be good for homosexual men to marry was after reading a very bad article in the New York Times about a non-Mormon family of a guy who lived in NYC and had a very long-time partner who contributed to his business (which was apparently very successful). The guy died and his family, who broke off dealing with him because of the same-gender partnership took everything. The partner was left with nothing and he was maybe in his 60s. The family, apparently were “good” Christians who found their homosexual relative to be an utterly disgusting person. And [I think] the sister who took over the handling of the deceased guy’s estate, no doubt, could wait to throw the guy out of the apartment and legally take over everything.

    I think that Brayden’s advice about STDs is very wise. I think that all sexually active people with new, or multiple, partners should get tested. It would be good if there was a setup in which the couple could go together and get tested with each getting copies, or online access to the combined results.

    Also, allowing male same-gender marriages would reduce the incidence of STDs because some of the men couples would likely have monogamy relationships.

    It’s amazing that religions and political organizations can be so unfriendly to some members who are reluctant to abandon the organization. I think that Brayden leaving is going to be the best thing for his piece of mind. If for some reason, I found myself a member of the KKK (or the Republican Party), I would not fight to remain a member if I were not acceptable to them.

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