Weston Smith came out as gay while his dad was serving as a bishop in the Mormon church. His parents were understanding, but navigating life a gay Mormon teen, trying to better understand your sexuality, and remain the “best” Mormon possible is often a recipe for disaster.

Weston was no stranger to the turmoil that often comes from being gay and Mormon—a situation, for Wes, that led to serious suicidal ideation. He ultimately decided to serve a mission as an “out” gay Mormon, but even in the mission field the suicidal thoughts persisted. It was there, on his mission, that he resolved to leave the church and live an authentic, happy life.

After leaving his mission early and finding complete familial support, Weston has thrived. He recently published a memoir titled, ”This Body of Water”, detailing his journey and what the future looks like for him.

A copy of Weston’s book is available at WestonSmithBooks.com.

Weston’s father, Evan, shared his individual story with LatterGayStories as episode 166 on this podcast. 

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