The Host

Kyle Ashworth
Host, Latter Gay Stories Podcast

In his youth and young adulthood, Kyle tried to navigate life as an active Latter-day Saintā€“and his identity as a closeted gay teen. After serving a mission and returning home, he married a woman, raised a family, and after ten years of marriage came out to his wife, family, and friends.

Ultimately, his marriage ended in an amicable divorce and he
began a new journey of authenticity and honesty. Kyle is passionate about
understanding the human experience and seeking to find the good in people. He
knows by experience what failure, guilt, mistakes, trials and difficult times
look like; and because he does, Kyle has gained an empathetic resolve to seek
the good in all people. He knows by experience that life is full of refining
moments–not defining ones.

Kyle currently volunteers and advocates for LGBTQ+ people in
many different spaces and organizations. He believes in creating opportunities
for people to better understand how to love others regardless of their identity
or sexuality. He is a frequent speaker at LGBTQ conferences and events, hosts
the Latter Gay Stories Podcast, and works directly with bishops, stake
presidents, and other religious clergy to develop LGBTQ lesson materials and
discussion outlines for their congregations.

Kyle tells his story.

Kyle sits down with Human Stories with Jill Rowe to share his story.
Listen to the two-part podcast episodes below:

Part One: Kyle’s life, growing up and hiding who I was.

Part Two: Coming out, divorce, and finding my way forward.

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