136: Miles and Jim | Giving Ourselves the Permission to Thrive

Miles Hunsaker and Jim White sit down with the Latter Gay Stories podcast to share their individual stories of coming out, finding inner peace and thriving as a couple.

Both Jim and Miles label themselves as “late-bloomers.” They came out … Read the rest here

135: Jennifer and Shaunie | Stepping Across Lines To Embrace Our Happiness

Shaunie Schow was a small-town Idaho woman who served as a Relief Society President and in the Stake Relief Society presidency.

Jennifer Saunders was the complete opposite.

Individually, they navigated their desires to love and be loved. They both worked … Read the rest here

134: David Staker and Rob Schopke: Finding Ourselves and Finding Each Other

“We were not only gay. We were not only married. But we were also attending Church—with our children, and the Church didn’t know how to handle all of that. It took a couple of General Authorities to determine the fate … Read the rest here

133: Tiana Matson | How Coming Out to my Mission President Changed My Life

Tiana story is similar to many others in her shoes. She knew from a very early age that she was different. What did that difference mean? And how do you explain something that you can’t define? Following the path laid … Read the rest here

132: Bernie Jessop | From Mormonism to Polygamy: How A Gay Man Found His Path

He was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in a turn of events Bernie was excommunicated. His excommunication didn’t come because he is gay—that would come later—but because he joined a fundamentalist polygamous church.

How … Read the rest here

130: Tyler Lefevor | Four Option Survey: LGBTQ/LDS Research

So, you’ve heard of the 4 OPTION SURVEY, but do you know what it is? We’ve got you covered!

Tyler is an assistant professor of psychology at Rhodes College studying LGBTQ topics specific to Mormonism, his research aims to understand … Read the rest here

129: Keindrick Willis | My Personal, Mental and Spiritual Tug-of-War

A convert to the Church from Alabama, Keindrick did everything exactly “Mormon”. While serving a mission to New York he also identified his sexuality.

This story is Keindrick’s journey coming out, attending BYU, dealing with bigotry and finding joy in … Read the rest here

127: Kyle Ashworth and Justin Utley | LifePlus Logan, Utah Event

Kyle Ashworth and Justin Utley join the Logan, Utah LIFEPLUS group to share their stories, some music and a few laughs. In this episode Justin sings songs from his newly released album, SCARS. Kyle discusses the topic of “belonging” and … Read the rest here