118: Picnic In The Park | Latter Gay Stories, Let’s Love Better and Peculiar

Let’s Love Better: Susie Augenstein, Peculiar: George Deussen and the Latter Gay Stories Podcast teamed up for a Picnic In The Park to help the LGBTQ+ community, their friends, and allies share an evening of food, fun and friendship.

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117: A. Todd Jones | Navigating My Marriage, Coming Out, And Helping Others

In this interview we sit down with A. Todd Jones as he shares his story of living in a mixed-orientation marriage, dating, coming out, finding authenticity and what he’s doing in his life now to help the LGBTQ community.

A. … Read the rest here

116: Valerie Green | Finding My Identity and the Path of Authenticity and Happiness

She was married to a woman and found solace secretly cross-dressing to help her find her inner beauty. While navigating this journey to best understand her gender identity, Valerie Nicole Green took the crucial steps to live a life of … Read the rest here

115: Bryce Cook | Understanding the History: Homosexuality and the LDS Church

If you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and navigating a journey to understand the intersection of religion and sexual orientation, we invite you to join us for this Latter Gay Stories episode.

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114: Sarah and Madi | We Found Ourselves: This Is Our Story.

Sarah Cunha and Madison McConkie sit down with the Latter Gay Stories podcast to share their story.

Sarah is a BYU graduate and remained closeted growing up in the Church. In this episode she opens up about her experience coming … Read the rest here

113: LGT Panel Discussion | Church Leader Session: Affirmation Conference

This episode features discussion from Ben Schilaty, a gay Latter-day Saint, Jodie Palmer, a lesbian Latter-day Saint, and Ann Pack, a transgender Latter-day Saint. Each person in this panel discussion offer their personal experiences being queer and LDS. They offer … Read the rest here

112: Tom Christofferson | Church Leader Session: Affirmation Conference

Tom Christofferson, active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and gay, addresses the 2019 Affirmation Church Leader Session. Tom is the author of “That They May Be One” a book detailing his life is a member … Read the rest here

111: Jena Peterson | Church Leader Session: Affirmation Conference

Jena Peterson is an active Latter-day Saint who identifies as gay and remains married to her husband of 14 years, Todd, in a mixed orientation marriage.

In this episode, Jena discusses her personal experiences being gay and the impact it … Read the rest here

110: President Michael Mayfield | Church Leader Session: 2019 Affirmation Conference

President Michael Mayfield currently serves as a counselor in the Stake Presidency. He is a former bishop and is the father of a gay child. For President Mayfield, when his daughter came out, he was stunned, surprised, and blindsided by … Read the rest here

109: Josh and Lolly Weed | The Beginning. The Middle. The Future.

Seven years ago (while celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas), Josh and Lolly Weed made a quiet blog post announcing to their friends and family that Josh was gay, and together they were navigating life in a mixed-orientation … Read the rest here