Hi, I’m Daryk

My name is Daryk Childs and I live in Japan. I received a scholarship from the Japanese government to finish school out here. This scholarship came at a perfect time in my life, because I was able to escape the … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Brad

Hey everyone, my name’s Brad. I’m a Utah native, but much of the past decade has been spent living outside of the Jello Belt. I lived in the DC area for four years and South Korea for another four years. … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Donna

I am the mom of a gay son. He is a delight! My name is Donna Showalter. I love gardening, being outside in any form, and volunteering here and there. Until Michael came out, I had purposely kept myself ignorant … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Jacob

I’m Jacob, a radiologist and another gay guy trying to figure out my place in the church. While this clip is a few years old now, it still effectively conveys some of the angst that I encounter during my regular … Read the rest here