Cameron Call grew up in Queen Creek, Arizona. He served a mission in Nashville, Tennesseeā€”the same mission as his father. He married a woman in a Mesa Temple and has three children. He came out to his wife in 2018 after ten years of marriage and they decided to divorce in 2019.

He and his ex-wife are helping their kids discover the beauties of life both in and outside of the Mormon church. This is his story of trying to meet the expectations of religion, life and societyā€”and learning that there is happiness and joy in all the places he was promised it didn’t exist.

#LatterGayStories #Mormonism #ComingOut #EndureToTheEnd

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  1. thomas smith (reply)

    July 26, 2023 at 4:01 am


    A great interview. I listened to this and the 3 podcasts of the couple. They are very lucky people to have decent parents.

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