Kris Packer has a long Mormon history. His father, Lynn is a Mormon historian, and Kris’ great-uncle is apostle Boyd K. Packer.

What happens when you come out to your family as a lesbian, but as life progresses, your journey through love and connection helps you to connect the dots and come to understand that you are also transgender?   Kris had great family support through his life and even through the learning, bumpy stages, found connection and love in even the least-likely spaces.  

In this episode Kris discusses his family relationship, meeting his wife Kay, working in public education‚ÄĒand then gender transitioning as a school principal. How does his school and students react?

This episode is part of a three-part interview. Kris’s wife, Kay is episode 157 and the couple sits down together in episode 159. 

#LatterGayStories #Transgender #PublicEducation #Married #MormonRoyalty  

This episode is available now as a video on the LatterGayStories Facebook and YouTube pages.

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