Kaylene Packer was a very normal Mormon girl. She went to church, she prayed, and she tried to hide an important part of her identity…she was really, really into girls. Growing up Latter-day Saint, you quickly learn that there isn’t a road map designed to help you thrive as a closeted lesbian girl.

But Kay tried.

Ultimately, her journey led her to embracing who she was, to coming out, to finding love in a relationship, and then—familiar to many Latter-day Saints: breaking off that relationship to give Mormonism another chance.

Kay’s story is deep and full of twists—including marrying her wife, a niece of apostle, Boyd K. Packer. And then Kay’s wife eventually coming out to her as a transgender man. Together, Kay and Kris navigated a new dynamic in their marriage.

Join us for this special three-part interview series. The next three Latter Gay Stories episodes are Kay’s story, her spouse, Kris’ story, and finally an interview together, as a couple.

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