Throughout Mormonism’s history there have been a series of “rescues” where grassroots members, teamed with local church authorities, band together to rescue Saints in despair.

Are we seeing an LGBTQ+ rescue in Mormonism? We’re digging in…and talking about it.

Inspired by Elder M. Russell Ballard’s charge to “better understand the LGBTQ community,” Ben Schilaty and Charlie Bird, gay Latter-day Saints, have been training ward and stake leaders/members on LGBTQ inclusion and love.

Through these efforts, Ben and Charlie aim to change the tradition and culture surrounding queer experiences in Mormonism and creating a space of better understanding regarding sexuality in the church (not much is being said about gender identity).

In this special episode hosted by Latter Gay Stories and Mormon Stories, a panel of queer voices, moderated by John Dehlin, tackles this topic by analyzing a recently recorded fireside in a Surrey British Columbia Stake.

Is this new method of training effective? Does it move the needle?

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