Brandon Spevak’s life was familiar to many Latter-day Saints. He served in leadership callings, he married his wife in the temple, and together they started to raise their young family.

In the midst of that journey, feelings within Brandon’s heart and soul began to expand. Brandon began to understand more about Brandon. As he reached into the darkness his world opened up into beautiful rays of light. It led to an increase of happiness and a brand-new future.

He met new people.

He made hard decisions. 

He discovered more about himself.

He no longer needed to run from the person he is.

This is a story about doing what is right and letting the consequences follow. It’s a story of navigating a really difficult journey of coming out, rearranging everything comfortable in life, and finding authenticity and honesty.

The video episode is available on our Facebook and YouTube pages. The audio episode is available everywhere you catch your favorite podcasts. Links to this and 150 other episodes are available in our bio.

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