Over the last six decades, Latter-day Saint leaders encouraged mixed orientation marriages as the only best option available to gay Mormons. Many gay Latter-day Saints used these types of marriages to diffuse their feelings of same-gender attraction, hoping (and believing) that God would provide a way for them to create a traditional family.

In this episode, Tate and Kara Avey share their experience in a mixed orientation marriage. They discuss the four essential characteristics that help to make a marriage like theirs successful: open communication, a high level of personal commitment, adaptability, and a nuanced religious position.

This is a candid discussion about a marriage that is non-traditional, but also exists because of informed consent, compatibility, and desire. Are there mixed orientation marriages that work? Yes, of course! Let your truth be true. Many people have walked this path, the Avey’s invite you to hear their story.

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