Wow! I haven’t really thought about sharing my coming out story until now. Thank you for the nudge! I am not ashamed of the process, or of my story but thinking back to my life before I came out and my life now…a lot has changed. I think the hardest part of coming out was worrying about how everyone around me will deal with the information. In my case, my coming out was more than just information, it was a completion! I came out as trans and quickly transitioned after. I hate to think that coming out “changed” me, instead I like to think that I just became complete, or more whole as a trans woman.

Obviously, when I came out I was incredibly nervous. The first person I told was my cousin, he was (and is) my best friend. I told him about my life and about what I had learned about myself. He was genuinely kind and interested in my story. He wanted to know what I saw for my future and what it meant for my life. I really hadn’t ever thought of being out. Talking about it and feeling so accepted made me feel needed and loved. My cousin encouraged me to speak to my parents. The news didn’t come as a huge shock to my family. We used to always joke that I was more female than male especially when my siblings and I would play. I would always been the wife or the mom when we played house. My parents always assumed I was just a really soft and sensitive boy as a result of living in a house full of sisters.  

One night after dinner we sat down to watch TV. I can’t remember what was on TV but I do remember that my parents started talking about Bruce Jenner and the rumors that he was transitioning to a woman. They talked about how difficult that coming out as transgender so late in life would be and how his family would be justified in distancing themselves from him.  I don’t remember how, or why, but I just blurted out: “What if I really am a girl and not a boy?”

Since talking with my cousin, I had been hinting at being transgender ever since to my parents, brother, and younger sisters, but I think they assumed it was just some ongoing joke. My dad immediately asked, “Do you think you are a girl?” My first response was, “I know I am not a boy, and don’t really know what I am, but I am trying to figure that out.”

My parents and I had a really deep conversation about my life. They admitted that they recognized some “signs”. They admitted to saying some harsh things that probably hurt me. Despite the difficult conversation that night and many that followed, I am soooo glad I came out. I am finally me!

Yes, I am trans. Yes, I am okay with it. Being trans is not a disease or a problem. I see it like the caterpillar that turned into a butterfly! I didn’t change who I am, instead I finally have the freedom to fly.

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