Christopher Landis, a choir teacher at Hingham Middle School in Hingham, Massachusetts is likely one of the most beloved teachers in the school.  Christopher is gay, but didn’t share his sexuality with the children he teaches.  It was never that Mr. Landis felt ashamed of his sexuality, but his motivation was to teach his love of music, not to make his classroom lessons about his personal life. 

Christopher Landis reacts when his students find out he is gay.

His students would often notice a man who visited Mr. Landis’ classroom.  That man was Joe.  The students often questioned their teacher about who Joe was. The answer from Christopher was always the same, “that’s Joe, he’s my friend.”  The short answer seemed to satisfy Mr. Landis, but the students had a feeling that Joe was more than just a friend.

Joe was actually Christopher Landis’ fiancé and soon to be husband.  Because Christopher was not sure how his students and their parents would react, he held back from sharing the news of their upcoming wedding. 

When the students and their parents did find out that Mr. Landis was is gay, and that Joe was his soon-to-be husband, they reacted. 

Watch the video to see how the students dealt with the news. 

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