This is a cool way to share our coming out stories. I am glad I found this site. For me I’m bisexual and have been working on coming out since about August 2012. I think the first person I really talked to about it was my now ex-girfriend’s sister and honestly the only thing that changed in my friendship with her is we did a lot more comparing of the attractiveness of guy celebrities after that point (I remember once when we held a full-out conversation about hot gingers and Prince Harry…dreamy!)

In March 2013 I came out to my girlfriend of the time and she completely freaked out. We broke  up about a week later. There were other relationship issues too, but that had been the last straw and after having dated her for two years already, I couldn’t keep my secret sexuality from her anymore. It really was the last straw for both of us. I haven’t exactly been secretive about my sexuality since that point. I don’t flaunt it or anything, but if people ask, I’m not afraid to answer. Quite a few people know, but nobody seems to have had a problem with it.

On Labor Day of this year, I came out to my little brother (he’s 15). He’s cool about it and has agreed not to tell my parents. They don’t know, but they’re not exactly the most accepting people. I think the fact that they are so Mormon is the reason why I don’t come out to them. I know they would be disappointed. Being gay or bisexual or something other than straight doesn’t fit into the mold they have created for our “eternal family.” I am sure that same dogma applies in the lives of so many other people. The struggle to play along and save face is pretty strong in Mormonism.

Because I am bi I have been trying my best to make it work with a woman. My current girlfriend and has been completely fine with my sexuality and I have been honest with her from the beginning.

I guess that for the most part, I’ve been lucky when it comes to my coming out. Very few people have been sad or upset at the news. Most people are cool and really accepting. I remember being so scared and fearful about what everyone would say or think about me but it hasn’t been noticeable at all.

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