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  1. Brenda Cottle (reply)

    April 16, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Thank you for sharing…not surprisingly, our story (as a family) is very similar to yours. Blah, blah, blah callings, serving, family home evening, missions, etc. and still we find ourselves loving our beautiful boy and brokenhearted about things said over the pulpit at Conference, “agendas” of a “certain” community mentioned in Sunday School with such rancor and comments from the mostly good, well-intentioned but clueless, ignorant folks from all around. It’s inescapable. And still, we go…hoping to effect change via our example but desperately protecting our secret. What an uncomfortable, unfortunate, backward-thinking conundrum we’re faced with.

    Our son, Gunar, came out to his brother Gage in an email while Gage served in Chile on his mission. Gage immediately asked if Gunar had spoken to us and directed Gunar to talk to Brett and me which he did. We enveloped him in the same love, support, and acceptance that had been a staple of his upbringing. We assured him we could have cared less about his sexual preference but then we had to leave our home. HE had to leave our home and find his way in a vastly bigoted and unwelcoming, unaccepting world where MOST people have been taught to love one another. Except if you’re LGBTQ+. Then what? I loved your story…I’m so happy to know that our family isn’t the only family trying to navigate this journey? The Cottles are more loving, accepting of others and fiercely proud and supportive of our Gunar and the many more beautiful souls like him. Thank you again…

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