Three fathers, all with different backgrounds, share their candid experience raising sons who identify as gay. They talk about the coming out process, where they made mistakes, what they learned, navigating religious issues, telling friends and family‚ÄĒand so much more.

Let’s face it, no parent expects (or can adequately prepare for) their child to come out. With few social and religious resources available to help parents navigate this journey, where do you turn when your child needs you the most?

The dads discuss some difficult topics and share how they reacted to some comments like:

“If I knew my tithing dollars were going to BYU to help gay kids graduate, I’d call and complain!”

“How can you choose between your church and your child?”

“As LGBT people we are pretty easy to love, because we don’t get it very often, so we can easily recognize it when it happens.”

“Part of our process was to grieve what we were losing. That was real.”

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