In a surprising move, BYU-Provo administrators dismissed three transgender clients from the BYU Clinic on 2/7/2022, and informed their student/faculty clinicians that transgender patients needed to be transferred to providers OUTSIDE of BYU. The patients were being seen at the on-campus BYU Speech and Language Clinic for speech therapy.

BYU administrators informed the clinic and faculty that service to transgender patients is a violation of the LDS Church Policy (as found in the LDS Handbook) and is contrary to BYU principles.

In this live stream discussion, we are joined by R.J. Risueno, Lisa Hansen, and Wendy Chase. All three guests are clinicians who serve this population. We also discuss in more depth, revelations about what happened behind the scenes, who made the decisions and what does this mean for BYU’s desire to create bridges to the LGBTQ community through its Office of Belonging.

#LatterGayStories #Transgender #HIPPA #HealthCareForLGBTQ #Discrimination

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