There isn’t a manual or Sunday school lesson that teaches us how to prepare for our child’s coming out experience. For parents (especially Mormon ones,) you often feel wholly unprepared for the news.

For many Latter-day Saints, we aren’t trying to understand this topic because we are convinced it isn’t relevant to us—because something like this doesn’t happen to families like ours. Right?

In this powerfully candid and honest episode, Glen and Sandee Traasdahl share their mistakes, their successes, and the beautiful experiences they’ve learned as they navigate their son’s coming out experience.

** This episode is a must watch for all parents. **

The Traasdahls discuss:

  • Their son’s coming out experience.
  • Visiting with their bishop and stake leaders.
  • Navigating their own faith and understanding.
  • Wading through feelings of loneliness and fear.
  • Searching for helpful resources.
  • Suicidal ideation and depression.
  • Love and acceptance.
  • Joy.

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