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  1. John Doe (reply)

    June 9, 2021 at 11:11 am

    In the mid-1970s I was on my mission (in Central Europe), and miserable. I’d been in the mission about 6 months when I wrote the mission president, confiding that I had feelings of homosexuality. The end result was I was sent home, but as I’d been extremely depressed, that seemed to be the stated reason. When speaking with my stake president, I brought of the gay issue, and he seemed to be thinking if we solved the depression, the gay would go away. (A bit bassackward . . . ) Although the goal was to return me to the mission field, my doctor stated I shouldn’t try to return for at least a year, so I was just released.

    About 18 months later, I was feeling extremely guilty, and asked if I could return to complete my mission. The stake president called my Mission Department caseworker, and was told I should probably just get on with my life – but he said they would bring up my case in the next meeting. A few days letter, the stake president contacted me asking, “When can you return to XXXX?” I’d assumed they’d keep me stateside, but they were sending back to my original mission.

    I went back, and by some miracle, despite horrible depression, a lame suicide attempt (30 aspirin wouldn’t do it – particularly since I came to my sense for forced myself to vomit out what I could), and hidden attractions to one particular companion, I was able to stick out the time.

    I’m just commenting because Craig’s instance of being returned to the same mission is extremely rare – but it does occasionally happen.

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