It’s no secret that your grandpa is Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles, but what happens when he finds out there’s something you’re keeping secret?

Identifying as bisexual and polyamorous, coming home from his mission early, listening to conference talks written specifically about him, and honoring his happiness over tradition; Craig Call, the grandson of Elder Richard G. Scott found his own path and he shares his story with the LatterGayStories audience.

Craig opens up about the preferential treatment he received growing up, the inner-workings of Mormonism, and what he’s learned from life’s lessons. He also answers audience questions!

The video version is available on our Facebook and YouTube channels. The audio version is available everywhere you catch your favorite podcasts!  #LatterGayStories

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  1. John Doe (reply)

    June 9, 2021 at 11:11 am

    In the mid-1970s I was on my mission (in Central Europe), and miserable. I’d been in the mission about 6 months when I wrote the mission president, confiding that I had feelings of homosexuality. The end result was I was sent home, but as I’d been extremely depressed, that seemed to be the stated reason. When speaking with my stake president, I brought of the gay issue, and he seemed to be thinking if we solved the depression, the gay would go away. (A bit bassackward . . . ) Although the goal was to return me to the mission field, my doctor stated I shouldn’t try to return for at least a year, so I was just released.

    About 18 months later, I was feeling extremely guilty, and asked if I could return to complete my mission. The stake president called my Mission Department caseworker, and was told I should probably just get on with my life – but he said they would bring up my case in the next meeting. A few days letter, the stake president contacted me asking, “When can you return to XXXX?” I’d assumed they’d keep me stateside, but they were sending back to my original mission.

    I went back, and by some miracle, despite horrible depression, a lame suicide attempt (30 aspirin wouldn’t do it – particularly since I came to my sense for forced myself to vomit out what I could), and hidden attractions to one particular companion, I was able to stick out the time.

    I’m just commenting because Craig’s instance of being returned to the same mission is extremely rare – but it does occasionally happen.

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