For many it’s a familiar story: active Latter-day Saint, hiding the feelings of same-sex attraction, and doing the things society requires of you to remain “normal”.

But what happens when you can no longer do it all?

Laura Root shares her story of hope, love, pain and progress. Hers is a story of finding a path that is her own and at the same time staying close to her faith and her personal revelation. Laura came out while serving as a Relief Society President in her ward. The sisters in her ward threw her a bridal shower, soon after the wedding, her new bishop excommunicated her. But she found happiness in the journey. 

We invite you to share an hour and better understand Laura’s story.

Watch the video on our Facebook or YouTube channel or catch the audio podcast version everywhere you find your favorite podcasts (just search LatterGayStories and click the subscribe button).

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Comments (1)
  1. Scott Jones (reply)

    April 17, 2020 at 1:35 am

    As a non-LGBTQ+ active member of the Church, I want to see that aisle you referenced at the end of the podcast erased and removed. I am on your side now and have been for many years. I want you to know that some members who are not gay have also had these same spiritual revelations and personal insights on how incorrect current and past policies and procedures have been. I am continually frustrated by this and find it so difficult to reconcile with the Church I have been devoted to my entire life. We certainly don’t need to protect the Church from you. I know where I feel the protection needs to be. Thank you Laura and Kyle for an enlightening discussion.

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