I have been reading these coming out posts for a long time now. I usually read them with a little bit of envy and often with tears of sorrow because my coming out experience hasn’t been glittery or joyful.

To be honest; it’s been hard.

I love the fact that this is a place where we can share the candid parts of our journey and we can learn from other people.

My coming out experience happened about a little more than a year ago. I’m a gay dad who just finalized a divorce. My wife didn’t know I was gay but eventually I told her and that lead to a quick and somewhat amicable divorce. My kids seemed to take it really hard; or maybe that’s what I had convinced myself.

I was pretty certain that my kids hated me for coming out and hated me for divorcing their mom. These thoughts strained my relationship with them. To be honest; they ate me up inside.

Last week I opened the mailbox and found a letter addressed to me. First, who sends handwritten letters anymore!? The handwriting on the envelope was familiar. It was from my son.


My heart raced and my hands nervously trembled. Why a letter? Does my life change if I read what’s inside? Should I read it now? Who should I call if I my world collapses?

All of these questions dashed through my mind as a felt tears begin to stream down my cheeks.

I walked inside the house and sat down to open the letter. Silence seemed to be my only ally. I slid my finger behind the envelope and ripped open the flap. My still trembling hands opened the single sheet letter inside.

“Dad, you’re a super father and I love you. You don’t know how much I love you. Love, Peter.”

Streams of tears wet the ripped envelope. I cherished the simple message and for a few moments I was speechless.

When someone says “love is love” or what is meant by “love is all you need”? I recall this story. This is what it feels like to be loved. And I would crawl through 100 awful coming out experiences to ensure that you feel loved too.

Come out and change your life.

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