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  1. john grover (reply)

    December 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    I want to thank you for writing your story, it resonates with me deeply. I have been 40 years coming to terms with this part of my life. It has been a struggle to survive emotionally as I was married for nearly 36 years before my wife died of cancer and I was left alone to deal with what has been there all my life.

    Through my children I have been able to see a side of how happy they became when they came out, and am finding more peace within myself as I have, but also a great sadness because of the church. It has always been my main support in life and I raised my family around it. Some are angry with me and feel I have deserted them and given up on eternal family but I have found a greater peace with God and harmony in myself. I still believe in the family and eternal life but have come to a point where I have to leave my burdens at the Lords feet and trust him in all things, even my family.

    I have felt guided, I am convinced God is part of my journey and have done a podcast on human stories with Jill Hazard Rowe to help others understand that God is an important part of the journey to keep despite the actions and opinions of church members. I have always felt that God is found in many places, not necessarily just the church.

    It is hard many days, and I hope to have a companion as you have found. I too believe man is that he might have joy, and true joy can only come when you are honest with the feelings you have within yourself. Despite all.

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