I know this isn’t the most traditional “coming out story” but I hope you will share it with the blog.  I came across this YouTube video and I loved it!  A little backstory of my life. I was the product of LDS conversion therapy and it nearly decimated me. I told my mom and dad that I was gay and they immediately called the bishop.  I was mortified.  I thought that our conversation was OUR convo, not for the bishop, his counselors and eventually the stake president to find out.  There wasn’t much hope for me after that because word spread throughout the ward like lighting.  Eventually I ditched therapy and told my mom that I would rather live than die and in order to live I had to be my self.  I am alive!  There is hope out there for all of us never let anyone tell you different!

Enjoy this video and thank you. Thank you.  Thank you for all you are doing for the queer LDS population out there. There are so many closeted LDS guys who could literally change the landscape of Mormonism if we all had the balls to come out and share our stories. Thank you for igniting a fire in so many of us to be authentic and open about who we are.  We need more voices to support us.

We want to hear your story–here’s how to share it with us!

Each Sunday we feature a new Coming Out Story on the Latter Gay Stories blog. Coming Out is an important process that is different for everyone; some experiences are difficult to hear while others are heart-warming and inspiring. Still, coming out is never easy and more often than not we draw inspiration from others through their stories. We rely on weekly submissions to keep the Coming Out Stories alive. We invite you to share yours now.


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