So I did it, I came out!!!  I’m 54 with two daughters and married to a woman. Here is how it all happened…my daughter sent this text exchange:

Daughter: I might be completely wrong about this but can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure..*nervous* lol

Daughter: Don’t be haha

Daughter: Dad, I think you are gay and I have known it for the longest time. I just didn’t want you to live in some society driven shadow for your whole life fearing what people will say about you.  I love you and want you to know that.

Me: TEARS!!! I have struggled since the day you were born trying to figure out how to tell you and Sarah this.  You are right, the thought of letting the world know has scared me since I was 12 years old.  Who have you told this to?

Daughter: Just you, but Sarah is pretty sure she has you figured out too.  Does mom know?

Me: Yes, mom and I have discussed this, but she prefers not to talk about it.

Daughter: that is going to change.  You and mom raised us to be open and honest we are going to be open and honest as a family.

Me: Ugh.

Daugther: haha, no worries, I will let you do it, I am not going to hold a family discussion.

Me: Whew, you had me sweating.  😉

Daughter: Dad, we love you and this changes nothing.  I think it actually makes us closer because we can move the elephant out of the room.  Thanks for being honest with me.

Me: I love you, sis.  Thank you for talking about this and for being the wonderful person you are. I have always admired your compassion and concern for other people.

Daughter: <3 love you too pops.

And that was it.  I was out.  The feeling has been incredibly satisfying and I wanted to share this with you. Thank you for this blog, for the Coming Out Stories and for connecting us!

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