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  1. john spowart (reply)

    May 31, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Wow what a story. I’m a straight ally and a father. I remember last year getting all the gear together for Pride – extra trinkets, drinks, clothes, bling, the FREE DAD HUGS shirt, etc. Before we packed up the car I asked my son if I could post pics. As I anticipated posting the first facebook pic I fealt perhaps one millionth of the fear, trepidation, and risk I would have felt if it were me coming out. And that’s with parents I knew would not judge me and friends that I didn’t really have to worry about.

    RE coming out- I’ve come to realize after dealing with my own traumas, that maintaining secrets for so long is damaging, it is one of the main components of PTSD. Seeing it in that light has helped me to understand it in my terms. I’ve read that the single most important thing in dealing with traumatic events is talking about them and I see coming out as the first step in healing. For that reason alone I applaud all who take that step. I encourage everyone to find a safe place, and take a risk. In my case, on the other side was happiness and that is something I hope we can all have unlimited access to.

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