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  1. Kelley Juma (reply)

    February 4, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Being a member of the church, but no longer attend for VERY good reasons, I am saddened how members of the Church of Latter-day Saints are followers of Christ, yet do NOT act Christ like! I have seen it to many times. When my son returned from living with his father for 2 years in the Philippines, he never attended school (I homeschooled he and his sister), I got him involved with church again. He was drinking an Arizona tea, when he was attending a social at our bishops home. he was told to leave the tea outside and then our bishop called to have a meeting with him. He took his priesthood away because of the green tea and told my son he would NOT make it to the Celestial kingdom!!! My son no longer attends church and said, “If Heavenly Father isn’t accepting of me how I am, then I am in the wrong church. How many of our youth feel “unaccepted?” MANY! I know because I was very active in church and served in the YW program. Out of 15 kids, 6 are gay!

    How can members go to church weekly and still judge others? Heck, eventually everybody who joins the church will be converts and we as a church, should stop judging.

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