I’ve learned that everyone has problems in life – its dealing with people, not being gay that is one of life’s challenges. It’s worse than some things, but better than others. I feel no regrets for anything that has happened in my life so far. I have finally learned to love myself. Coming out hasn’t made my life carefree. I feel that I’ve made considerable progress on my own personal path of self-acceptance and personal understanding. I like to say I don’t get angry or upset at people when they say awful things about the gay lifestyle, in fact, I feel bad for them. They are the one that have to live their life with hatred in them, because all it does it eat you up inside.

I can honestly say that coming out to my family and everyone around me I love was the best thing I ever did. It was taking too much out of me, and I needed a peace of mind. Even if at least one person doesn’t accept me, it’s okay because I’m living my life for me not for that person. Nothing feels better than honesty with yourself. Yes, you do loose some people in your life, but why would you want to keep those who don’t or won’t accept and respect you for who you are. It’s such a remarkable feeling of liberation not having this secret eating at my mind any longer. I’m just happy to have things in my control with no fear, loathing, regrets but just the future, which look extremely good to me. I’m still the same loving shy person everyone as known, everyone just now knows me a little better than they did before. I hope after a certain level of acceptance of me, I don’t expect it to be over night, but hope in time, everyone will understand my life.

Today I’m working hard towards putting all the pieces of my life together. Coming out helped me to become a better person with new goals and dreams. But I do so with a renewed sense of hope that everything will work out and that I’m on my way to becoming the person I was meant to be. It is a welcome feeling. I am very comfortable with my sexuality and wouldn’t have it in any other way. I proudly love being a lesbian!!! I began to let the real me emerge from that dark closet, I had hidden in my entire life. Finally, I have the courage to be true to myself and to live life to the fullest through happiness. Now that I am out, I can’t imagine ever being in the closet. I look back on my life I wish I had the strength to do it many years ago. Now I can look at the moon, sun, stars, cloud and the rainbow in a different light, instead of darkness. It gave me my identity AT LAST!

Lastly, I want to thank you for creating a space like this for people like me to connect with other women in my similar situation. I have been able to make some genuine friends and connections from the Latter Gay Stories podcast through the Facebook page and some of the events you have hosted, thank you for that.

I want to be a better friend to those around me and to eventually find a woman to spend the rest of my life with. I am happy to use resources like this to make that an eventual possibility.

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