012: Nathan and Jefferson Cloward | Part 1: Growing up Mormon with a gay father and their mission to save him

The next few podcast interviews at Gay Mormon Stories will feature a gay man, his ex-wife and 2 of their adult sons.  The first installment is a 2 part interview with brothers Jefferson and Nathan Cloward.  In part 1 they … Read the rest here

011: Cary Crall | Part 3: on affirming and pushing limits at BYU, moving on to Harvard and engaging in activism

In part 3 of 3 Cary Crall talks with Gay Mormon Stories about his last year at BYU where dating was dangerous, watching his other gay friends succeed or fail, and noting the role that family acceptance plays, starting medical … Read the rest here

009: Cary Crall | Part 1: on his successes and demons as a youth, a mission and as a BYU student

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Cary Crall discusses his trouble-free childhood, his adolescence where he turned his internal turmoil into a drive for achievement and acceptance, his mission, and his BYU experience where he tried to make … Read the rest here

07: John Gustav-Wrathall | Part 3: on living as a gay man, his gay marriage, and acceptance by family

In part 3 of 4, John talks about embarking on his life as an openly gay man, dating, finding love and living in a gay marriage, completing his dissertation on the YMCA, and finding love and acceptance from his very … Read the rest here

06: John Gustav-Wrathall | Part 2: Suicidality, on leaving the church to survive, and on exploring life paths

In part 2 of 4, John talks about his suicidal intention, how that got side-tracked, how God intervened in his life and helped him find new hope outside of the church, and his new quest to find his path.… Read the rest here

05: John Gustav-Wrathall | Part 1: His youth, spiritual development, and his descent into despair

In part 1 of this 4 part series John talks about his upbringing in the mission field and his intense connection to the church, his equally intense guilt related to his sexual orientation, how he danced with these  two opposing … Read the rest here

04: Berta Marquez | Part 3: Thriving by being an activist and working with homeless LGBT teens

In part 3 or 3 Berta Marquez goes into further detail to describe her activism and the various organizations she has been involved in, with a particular discussion of her involvement with homeless LGBT teens and the current crisis facing … Read the rest here