138: Jessyca and Savana | From MormonAndGay to our Wedding Day

Jessyca Fulmer’s personal story was featured as a video on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ MormonAndGay website.

What Jessyca’s video didn’t show was her personal struggle for survival. After nearly ONE MILLION views she pulled the plug … Read the rest here

135: Jennifer and Shaunie | Stepping Across Lines To Embrace Our Happiness

Shaunie Schow was a small-town Idaho woman who served as a Relief Society President and in the Stake Relief Society presidency.

Jennifer Saunders was the complete opposite.

Individually, they navigated their desires to love and be loved. They both worked … Read the rest here

132: Bernie Jessop | From Mormonism to Polygamy: How A Gay Man Found His Path

He was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in a turn of events Bernie was excommunicated. His excommunication didn’t come because he is gay—that would come later—but because he joined a fundamentalist polygamous church.

How … Read the rest here