113: LGT Panel Discussion | Church Leader Session: Affirmation Conference

This episode features discussion from Ben Schilaty, a gay Latter-day Saint, Jodie Palmer, a lesbian Latter-day Saint, and Ann Pack, a transgender Latter-day Saint. Each person in this panel discussion offer their personal experiences being queer and LDS. They offer … Read the rest here

110: President Michael Mayfield | Church Leader Session: 2019 Affirmation Conference

President Michael Mayfield currently serves as a counselor in the Stake Presidency. He is a former bishop and is the father of a gay child. For President Mayfield, when his daughter came out, he was stunned, surprised, and blindsided by … Read the rest here

106: Gregory Prince | A Complicated History: Mormonism and the LGBTQ Community

Dr. Gregory Prince sits down with Latter Gay Stories for a unique one-on-one discussion about the actions and unintended consequences of the LDS Church’s history with LGBT people and their allies.

In this episode we thoroughly discuss topics including:

– … Read the rest here