04: Berta Marquez | Part 3: Thriving by being an activist and working with homeless LGBT teens

In part 3 or 3 Berta Marquez goes into further detail to describe her activism and the various organizations she has been involved in, with a particular discussion of her involvement with homeless LGBT teens and the current crisis facing … Read the rest here

02: Berta Marquez | Part 1: The dangers and life of growing up a political refugee

In part 1 of this 3 part series Berta Marquez tells about the harrowing experiences her family suffered as political refugees and their immigration to the USA, the subsequent long-term effects of this prolonged upheaval on her upbringing and adolescence, … Read the rest here

01: Carol Lynn Pearson and “The Hero’s Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon”

As part of a new podcast initiative called “Gay Mormon Stories” (in cooperation with Mormon Stories Book Club) we interview the beloved poet, playwright, LGBT activist and Mormon author Carol Lynn Pearson about her new book entitled, … Read the rest here