106: Gregory Prince | A Complicated History: Mormonism and the LGBTQ Community

Dr. Gregory Prince sits down with Latter Gay Stories for a unique one-on-one discussion about the actions and unintended consequences of the LDS Church’s history with LGBT people and their allies.

In this episode we thoroughly discuss topics including:

– … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m Michelle

My seventeen year old daughter is smart, funny, beautiful, outgoing, musical, athletic, faithful, and gay. When she came out and talked to me about 3 years ago I wrapped my arms around her and told her, “Thank you! Thank you … Read the rest here

Hi, I’m RJ

As the McClintock Young Single Adult ward praises their God in worship, the melodic tones from an immaculate pipe organ flow through the air. The music—their song, is played by an openly gay man. During these moments, and throughout all … Read the rest here

103: An Evening With Affirmation | Nathan Kitchen and Laurie Lee Hall

103 | The Latter Gay Stories Podcast rebroadcasts An Evening With Affirmation, featuring speakers Nathan Kitchen and Laurie Lee Hall.

Nathan Kitchen is the current President of Affirmation and Laurie Lee Hall serves as the Senior Vice President of Affirmation. … Read the rest here